Crypto has long been associated with illegal activities including soliciting murder and the drugs trade. However as soon as crypto’s image was cleared up the likes of Augur pop up again allowing crypto users access to a whole range of illegal activity.

Augur was launched 2 weeks ago with the aim of allowing users to open betting markets as they see fit. similar to services such as Fairlay which operate legally around the globe, users would be able to open markets on a range of real world events (those which have results which can be verified). However the platform has also bene recognized as a potential instigator of murder and terrorism as it allows users to place bets on the deaths of individuals. Whether they be politicians or civilians, users of the platform are allowed to essentially take “life insurance” policies on people.

Early users of crypto may remember the likes of the silk road. Allowing its users to purchase services of hitmen, drugs and weaponry the infamous marketplace remains a stain in the history of crypto. Users have also begun drawing comparisons between the market place and the Augur platform which have both become breeding grounds for potentially illegal activity.

While the nature of crypto remains that it is essentially a uncensored and decentralized platform, the nature of markets opened on the Augur platform are particularly disturbing. Built on the Current Ethereum technology, the founders of the service also closed the only exit strategy which had been programmed in the code, further relinquishing control over the service and absolving themselves of any responsibility with actions committed via the site. From allowing users to bet on the occurrence of terrorist attacks to murder, many have become concerned regarding the growth of the platform considering its already raked in over $1.5 million worth of wagers so far.

Disclaimer : this article is intended to be a informative piece. The author or do not in any way condone the services mentioned. or the author can not be held liable for any individuals actions and further advise our readers to stay away from activities which are illegal in their state.


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