Ethereum Hotel: There is a newly launched hotel in China named the ‘Ethereum Hotel’. The hotel is located at the National Scenic Area of China’s Sichuan province (Western China) and is the first hotel in the country to publicly accept cryptocurrency payments.

As an incentive to crypto users and customers, the hotel offers discounts on payments for services made with cryptocurrency (Ethereum).

On their first visit, customers are welcomed by the sight of a big Bitcoin artwork at the reception lobby; a clear representation of the hotel’s affiliation digital currencies.

According to the hotel owners, they aim to participate in advancing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology trends.

Questions may be raised as to possible government sanctions however, the latest court ruling answers that, also crypto as a P2P payment system cannot be entirely restricted.

Is Crypto truly banned in China?

Top Five Emerging Industries with Great Investment Opportunities

As always, emerging sectors keep popping up in line with demands for new technology to satisfy human needs.

These industries come with potential for profits especially for early entrants (individual or company). Other benefits include: a need for man power or skilled individuals in these sectors which results in high paying jobs, a huge market demand for the products of these industries and great investment opportunities.

To this end, here are the top potential investment industries:

  • Blockchain (Crypto inclusive)
  • Marijuana (Huge demand, its stocks and products are great investments cue from Canada‘s recent legalization)
  • Robotics (Efficiency, speed at jobs pitch robots as a swift alternative to manual labour)
  • Electric Cars (termed the future of mobility)
  • Big Data Analytics (Data is a recurring necessity)

Do you notice a trend in these emerging industries as they try to replace old, slow, inefficient and less secure systems?

That is, Fiat replaced by the future of money (cryptocurrency) through blockchain, Manual labour replaced by Robotics, Exhaust Fume Cars replaced by Environmentally sound, faster and energy conserving Electric Cars.

Are you invested in any of the above industries?

Do you have relevant skills to cash in on the above industries?





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