Soulja Boy, popular American rapper with a huge fan base has released a new album titled Young Drako. The album which features traditional rap tracks and other artiste collaborations; also features a major talking point; with one track off the album titled ‘Bitcoin’.

The track titled Bitcoin, focuses on the artists’ love for cryptocuerrency as well as an insight into his purported success while making money as a trader. The song was uploaded yesterday on YouTube and evidently portrays the rapper’s love and enthusiasm about crypto even though he made no extensive details about his strategy and profits.

In the song’s chorus, Soulja Boy claims to have purchased Bitcoin at $6000 and made $100,000 off them, while also indicating he’s use of PayPal and CashApp for managing his cryptocurrency transactions cum purchases. The lyrics begin:

Man, this going crazy the cryptocurrency man.

I made 100 racks off of bitcoin (bit).

You can catch me trapping with the bitcoin (bit).

You can catch me running up the bitcoin (yeah).

I spent 6,000 on the bitcoin (bitcoin 3x).

I got on my computer and bought a bitcoin.

Only last month, the rapper had tweeted of his love for U.S. only (no fee) crypto purchase app, Robinhood.

He further sings, “I’m doing shows, feeling me…running up the bands on cryptocurrency.” Also referenced in the song’s second and final verse is his direct claim about his love of cryptocurrency and holding Litecoins.

Wake up in the morning and I count my funds.

Running to the money like a marathon

I got light coins, bitcoins, they my favourite ones.

Extensively, the track captures feelings common to crypto traders, especially regular price checks, going financially digital and the euphoria of profits on green days. The song also contains comparative wording between Bitcoin’s performance versus the stock market especially its round the clock (24/7) trade availability.

This musical revelation by Soulja Boy is first, another pointer to the rapper’s side hustle and business mien with series of entrepreneurship and business moves. Also it is the latest of series of artistes’ publicity about Bitcoin, from singing or featuring to getting involved in projects around the cryptocurrency industry. Notable mentions include Royce Da 5’9’ (who referenced Bitcoin on Eminem’s album-Kamikaze; saying “now everybody doing bitcoin”). Others include Snoop Dogg (who performed at Ripple’s party), Akon (who launched his own cryptocurrency called Akoin), Mims, Young Dirty Bastard among other celebrity figures and social media influencers.




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