Popular altcoin Ethereum, is set to launch a top-level internet domain name as announced in an upcoming partnership deal. This new feature would enable Ethereum Name Service (ENS) get a top-level domain name which enables its users attach their addresses to this domain name for easy recollection of identifiers associated with their wallets and crypto assets. The new project will provide ethereum users options to replace long addresses with basic human readable names linked to the .eth domain. (Example BillClinton.eth)

Its primary partner on this project, Minds + Machines Group(MMX) which operates top level domains within the internet Domain Name System(DNS) would offer ethereum users options to register their addresses on MMX’s .luxe domain (an acronym for “Lets U Xchange Easily”) which is crafted to provide more user-friendly experience and utility with blockchain applications.

In a statement released by the MMX, they maintain confidence in the success of this platform and its ability to foster integration between DNS and ENS name services, blockchain and all other related services like distributed storage or smart contracts. Also as suggested by available statistics there is a matching demand by ethereum and blockchain enthusiasts for this ‘word-based identifier’ feature.

Ethereum users will also be able to create independently their choice ‘unique user friendly domain name’ which will carry all attributes associated with the individual’s ETH asset and these names will resolve over the internet as in email or web-based traffic standards; instead of the current 40 character identifiers. Additionally, the .luxe extention will let users perform traditional internet activities with the same address they use for their Ethereum related items or services.

The .luxe domain is set to be launched in October with first registrations by ENS users for a limited duration and subsequent public offering of .luxe names slated for October 30. For Ethereum users and enthusiasts this is opined as a notable development and addition to its array of blockchain technology adoptions.




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