Ivy League Universities in the United States are joining the crypto investment train. Independent reports by The Information, have it on good authority that five (5) more Ivy League schools were investing millions of dollars into various cryptocurrency funds.

Statistics show that colleges in the United States jointly hold around half a trillion dollars in assets and endowments. Harvard and Yale universities alone account for over $65 billion of that wealth; with Yale University quoted to have reserved these funds for external investments, venture capital, hedge funds and leveraged buyouts.

According to these reports, other five universities which include Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dartmouth College and University of North Carolina have each invested in at least one cryptocurrency fund through their respective endowments. At this time, Harvard University boasts of the largest university endowment, closely followed by Yale University.

The report further corroborates the BTC.ng publication earlier this week, which reveals that Yale University is investing a part of its endowments in a $400 million cryptocurrency fund named Paradigm; headed by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam and two other partners. The University is also reported to have set aside a portion of its total $29.4 billion in assets to be invested into two cryptocurrency funds.

From available numbers, endowments being invested by these Ivy League Universities in various crypto funds are quoted to be about tens of millions of dollars split between both physical cryptocurrencies and equity in cryptocurrency companies.

A Case For More Institutional Investment

This influx of educational big wigs in the crypto sphere is heralded as a push for the incoming influx of more institutional investors and interests in the sector just as most institutions now look to get in on the once fearful crypto space. Since the start of 2018, lots of reputable companies and Wall Street institutions have been quietly investing in the crypto sphere with a view to profit and harness digital assets through blockchain technology.

Renowned crypto experts have also predicted a rise in institutional investments and a subsequent analysis that this influx of institutional money will most likely trigger a chunk of the market’s next bull run. While some institutions look to observe the success of already invested institutions in these crypto projects before joining the train, others are poised to get in actively and early.

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